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Tree Felling


We’ve offered tree felling services in the KwaZulu-Natal area for over 13 years. Tree felling has always been one of our core services, and our customers have never had to use anyone else

Tree Nursery


The South Coast is home to some amazing botanical life. We’re experts in maintaining the health of our beautiful trees, especially our sun touching palms. We’ve got customers across the area who rely on us to keep their plants in pristine condition

Stump Removal


We get stump removal jobs done properly the first time. No root is too tough for us,  as we approach each project in a professional and efficient manner

Tree Trimming


Tree trimming can be done the wrong way – let us meet your expectations with realistic recommendations and advice, followed by a thorough work performance from our team

Site Clearance


Our team has handled many tough jobs over the years, and sometimes it’s just that extra bit of hard work which gets the job done quicker

Grass Cutting


You will become quickly acquainted with our reliable Grass Cutting team, as they consistently impress you with their effort and speed

Emergency Calls - 24/7

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